Music Editing

Changing music in NT is actually a simple process. Each music file in the game is stored directly in Nuclear Throne's folders and can be swapped out with a new one, the volume and length of the track does not matter. The only thing that does matter is the file type, which is stored as a .ogg, and any music must be converted to that file type for it to work.

On Steam to access the game files, right click Nuclear Throne in the library -> select Properties -> Installed Files -> Browse. Music can be stored in two separate places depending on version.
Pre-2023 Beta all the music files are stored in the main folder opened. These are all stored with the .ogg file extension.
On 2023/v100 Betas forwards, all the music files are now stored in a 'mus' file with just their numbers, though any music files should still be converted to .ogg before removing the extension from the name.
For instance on u99r1, the Desert music will be stored as 'mus1.ogg', while on the 2023 beta it will be stored as simply just '1'.

This guide recommends using audacity as a tool as it can convert audio files into ogg. It is also recommended to use the tool to amplify the dB levels. Sounds in-game will usually drown out custom music if it's not loud enough, this is especially notable for runs that aim for late game. Also keep in mind any music chosen will loop back to the start when played in-game when choosing songs.

Here is a list of all the music as it is named in the files:

File Name Plays At File Name Plays At
musThemeA Title Screen musThemeB Character Select Screen
musCredits End Credit Music musThemeP Main Menu Easter Egg
mus1 The Desert mus1b Desert B-Theme
mus2 The Sewers
mus3 The Scrapyards mus3b Scrapyards B-Theme
mus4 Crystal Caves
mus5 The Frozen City mus5b Frozen City B-Theme
mus6 The Labs
mus7 The Palace mus7b Palace B-Theme
mus100 Crown Vault mus100b Vault Guardians
mus101 Oasis
mus102 Pizza Sewers
mus103 YV's Mansion
mus104 Cursed Crystal Caves
mus105 Jungle
mus106 IDPD HQ mus106b IDPD HQ as Rogue
musBoss1 Big Bandit musBossDead Boss Defeat Music
musBoss2 Big Dog
musBoss3 Lil Hunter
musBoss4A The Throne musBoss4B Throne II
musBoss5 Mom
musBoss6 Hyper Crystal musBoss6b Cursed Hyper Crystal
musBoss7 Technomancer
musBoss8 Captain

(Include ambience and character noises here)

Sound Editing

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