This page will serve as a sort of 'link hub' to get connected to the Nuclear Throne community from across the internet. Many tools here are referenced across the website, this is used as a way to quickly find any of these pages.

Throne Media

Nuclear Throne on Steam Made by Vlambeer
The recommended way to playing Throne!
(Link versions later)
Nuclear Throne Together Made by YellowAfterLife
Universal Mod Loader & Online Co-Op!
(Link NTT page later)
NTT Mods Various creators
Collection of publicly available mods!
Vlambeer Developer Page
Other games made by Vlambeer accessible on Steam.

Throne Servers
Discord account required to view/discuss.

NT Discord Ran by Matthanic
The main Nuclear Throne server for English speakers. Hosts Weekly suggesting/voting!
NT Russian Discord Ran by uralap
Nuclear Throne server for any Russian speakers.
NT Spanish Discord Ran by soyargentino
Nuclear Throne server for any Spanish speakers.
Vlambeer Discord Ran by Fred Wood
A discord for every Vlambeer game, including ULTRABUGS.
Low activity levels.

Throne Discussions
Publicly viewable, account required to discuss.

Nuclear Throne Subreddit Ran by subreddit mods
The subreddit for any NT-related discussions.
Steam Discussions Moderated by Matthanic
The steam discussion boards.

Throne Resources (Dailies)

Thronebutt Ran by Team Thronebutt
Browser leaderboard for Daily/Weekly runs.
Officially integrated by Vlambeer!
Daily Scouting Sheet Owned by Matthanic, ran by various editors
(Originally made by Neonomi)
Mutation seed scouting for the Daily & Weekly challenges.
Includes beta/switch versions. Made by Nnnes
Interactable page for route making that takes data from the scouting sheet.

Throne Resources (Modding/Editing)

NTT Modding Guide Made by YellowAfterLife
A useful tool for modders, includes its own link hub.
Texture Viewer Made by YellowAfterLife
Used in the process for sprite editing. (Link editing later)
Texture Viewer Made by YellowAfterLife
Every sprite categorized, useful for sprite editing.

Official Record Sheets
Video evidence required, has forms to submit runs.

Records Sheet Ran by Matthanic & Binnibep
Collection of all the official WRs.
Record holders get the "verified" role in the official discord.
Speedrun leaderboard Ran by speedrun team
The official leaderboard.

Community Record Sheets
Usually submitted by screenshot/video via discord.

L10+ Sheet Actively ran by Master Sparky, Lee-Mon and Ryguy.
Lists every unique L10+ player's pbs & WR history
Challenge Run Sheets Ran by borovik357, zhigugizh, thundercl3p
Tracking for Hardmode, Ranged and Challenge runs.
Char Records Ran by Ryguy
Collection of the top 50 runs on each char (L3+)