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Welcome fellow Throneseekers to the IDNTG (In-Depth Nuclear Throne Guide). This site aims to be a comprehensive guide that will cover all areas of play for Nuclear Throne. That includes those that are looking to reach the Throne, those who are looping, and those who are ascending into late game. This site will have resources that support all modes of play!

This will hopefully stand in place of the wiki, however it has a strong mix of objective information and subjective advice. It should be noted that any information here is NOT law. Advice and meta is stuff that constantly can change with time, this is focused on a single point that is present. Never be afraid to test things out or go against the grain, the next big discovery may be just around the corner!

Quite a bit of statistical information (on the tech pages) is pulled directly from the wiki, with quite a bit of it tested in game. This hopes to be a semi-suitable replacement, as the site the wiki is hosted on is not user friendly with advertisements and unhelpful UI for editing. While many pages will be written by me, those who helped will be cited at the bottom of each respective page to bring attention their contributions. (Probably add a way to contact me later)