Nuclear Throne hosts a variety of music tracks to add either ambience or flair to an area/boss. There are a total of 35 tracks within the original soundtrack, though they are split up into 36 within the game files.

All the music in Nuclear Throne was composed by Jukio Kallio who has repeatedly worked on soundtracks for Vlambeer titles - Luftrausers, Gun Godz and Yeti Hunter as listed on his website.

Any music in-game can easily be replaced on PC versions using the music editing guide.

Each song in game ends abruptly in order to loop smoothly while in the soundtrack it slowly fades out, so the length of tracks between the OST and in-game tracks differ. Some themes only play under specific conditions listed at the bottom of the page.

(These tables are sortable! Click any header to sort it by its grouping)

OST Title OST Length File Name File Length Category Plays At
Legend of the Throne 2:07 musThemeA
Main Menu Normal Menu Themes
Fläshyn 1:27 mus1 1:08 Normal Area The Desert
Biggest Bandit 1:30 musBoss1 1:07 Boss Theme Big Bandit
Groundwork of the Past 2:17 mus2 1:36 Normal Area The Sewers
Mt. Rubble 1:35 mus3 1:12 Normal Area The Scrapyards
Dogs 1:34 musBoss2 1:13 Boss Theme Big Dog
After Bloodshed 1:03 musBossDead 1:04 Boss Defeat After boss fight ends
Crystallized Fear 2:21 mus4 1:49 Normal Area The Crystal Caves
Frozen City 2:37 mus5 2:18 Normal Area Frozen City
The One They Left Behind 1:28 musBoss3 1:08 Boss Theme Lil Hunter
Where They Were Changed 1:59 mus6 1:52 Normal Area The Labs
Place of Power 2:34 mus7 2:22 Normal Area The Palace
Nuclear Throne 2:09 musBoss4A 1:40 Boss Theme The Nuclear Throne
This Is It 1:21 musBoss4B 1:07 Boss Theme Throne II
Beyond the Portal 2:35 mus106 2:12 Secret Area IDPD HQ
Captain 1:36 musBoss8 1:22 Boss Theme Captain
Kings and Queens of Wasteland 4:30 musCredits 4:30 Credits End Credits
Campfire 1:02 musThemeP 1:03 Main Menu Easter Egg
A Way 2:25 mus1b 2:03 B-Theme The Desert
Lament of a Mother 1:29 musBoss5 1:16 Boss Theme Mom
Secret Entrance 1:51 mus3b 1:22 B-Theme Scrapyards
Mind Killer 1:49 musBoss6 1:36 Boss Theme Hyper Crystal
Vault 1:32 mus100 0:54 Secret Area Crown Vault
Guardians of the Crown 1:46 mus100b 1:16 Secret Area Crown Guardians
Ode 2:09 mus5b 1:51 B-Theme Frozen City
Machine God 1:37 musBoss7 1:18 Boss Theme Technomancer
Come so Far 1:59 mus7b 1:59 B-Theme Palace
The Place I Once Called Home 1:22 mus106b 1:13 Secret Area IDPD HQ as Rogue
Cursed Killer 1:50 musBoss6B 1:36 Boss Theme Cursed Hyper Crystal
Under Water 2:18 mus101 2:03 Secret Area Oasis
What's That Smell 1:37 mus102 1:30 Secret Area Pizza Sewers
Venus Mansion 2:48 mus103 2:42 Secret Area YV's Mansion
Is This Happening 2:28 mus104 2:02 Secret Area Cursed Crystal Caves
So Green 2:13 mus105 1:58 Secret Area Jungle
Where The Guns At 2:20 mus107 0:42 Secret Area YV's Crib

Alt Themes

B-Themes are alternate themes that can play in place of normal themes, for main areas that have three levels.
The first set of conditions is that it needs to be an area where a vault spawns on the second level of it. In preloop, this is the Scrapyards and Frozen City areas. In loop, this also includes the Desert and Palace areas. In Hardmode, this immediately applies to all four areas since they all have vaults starting in H1.
If all three vaults are visited in a run, B-Themes will no longer play for the duration of that run as vaults no longer spawn. This does not apply to weeklies, since the vaults spawn in a destroyed state, meaning that B-Themes always have a chance to play during those runs.
The second set of conditions is that B-Themes will always play if the character is currently at 1 HP(or 0 HP, in those rare situations). They also have a constant 5% chance to play if above 1 HP.

There are two tracks almost never heard in normal gameplay. The first of these is "The Place I Once Called Home", which is an alternative theme only heard when entering the IDPD HQ as Rogue, a unique track to tie her character into that area to give a more somber feel.

The other rare theme, "Campfire", is an easter egg that will play after the main menu theme finishes on the character selection screen, but only if the Vlambeer logo appears in the campfire. This is a very obscure easter egg and most players will go through the game without knowing about this track because of its obscure conditions.