Props are various objects that are spread across each area in the game to add flair. While some props are just normal objects that do not do anything, some are hazards that can cause damage/death to the player.

Projectiles will destroy any props they come in contact with whether the projectiles are from the player or the enemy team. This means they can sometimes block enemy projectiles, or sometimes cause players projectiles to be blocked. Props can be pierced through just like enemies, following piercing rules. (link later) Explosives will blow up upon contact just like they would with enemies, being a common way for newer players to die.

While the HP of enemies scale per loop, the HP of props will always be the same. (With one exception, Large Generator listed below)

The "Hazard" category on the table refers to the type of damage it can cause. Explosives are the most common, but there are special props that also damage with toxic damage and bullets. These are all capable of hurting enemies as well as the player.

Name Image HP Area Hazard Description
Barrel 1 Desert Explosion Will cause a normal explosion when destroyed.
Bone Pile 2 Desert Normal A pile of bones.
Cactus 2 Desert Normal Normal cactus populating the wasteland.
Rotting Cactus 2 Desert Normal A cactus variation that spawns specifically on the muddy grey tiles.
Big Skull 50 Desert Normal A skull that can block a lot of shots. (Link to oasis entry later)
Toxic Barrel 1 Sewers Explosion & Toxic A barrel variant that will explode and then spread toxic gas when destroyed.
Sewer Pipe 1 Sewers Normal A normal pipe.
Tires 6 Scrapyards Normal A pile of tires.
Car Wreck 20 Scrapyards Explosion A broken down car that will explode into three larger explosions and two smaller ones upon being destroyed.
Venus Car Wreck 25 Scrapyards Explosion A broken down car that will explode into five larger explosions and three smaller ones upon being destroyed.

If hit with a screwdriver, it will become the Venus Car Fixed prop and its health will be reset.

Venus Car Fixed 25 Scrapyards / Crib Explosion The fixed version of Venus Car which works the same mechanically, but can be entered to visit YV's Mansion.

It is reused in YV's Crib, and can be used to be exited the area.

Crystal 2 Crystal Caves Normal A glowing crystal that shines light around it.

It will no longer emit light upon being destroyed.

Cocoon 8 Crystal Caves Enemy A wriggling cocoon that has a chance to drop a pickup or spawn an alligator enemy upon destruction.
Hydrant 5 Frozen City Normal A fire hydrant that has been frozen over.
Street Light 5 Frozen City Normal A street light that has been frozen over.
News Stand 6 Frozen City Normal A newspaper stand that has been frozen over.
Icicle 6 Frozen City Normal A harmless icicle protruding from the ground.
Frozen Car Wreck 20 Frozen City Explosion Mechanically works identical to a normal Car Wreck, but with a frozen over appearance.
Snowman 20 Frozen City Enemy A snowman that will drop 6 rads and spawn 3 snow bandits upon destruction.
Soda Machine 24 Frozen City Normal A soda machine that has been frozen over, featuring Y.V. saying "POP" three times on it.
Ice Flower 500 Frozen City Special An icy flower that only spawns on 5-1 if the player currently has the Last Wish mutation.

The flower can be 'fed' HP by interacting with it. Giving it 4 HP will bring the player to the secret Jungle area. (link later)

Strong Spirit can be used to feed it 1 HP, but otherwise being at 1 health left will be lethal, even if its the last HP needed to enter.

Tube 2 Labs Normal A cracked mutant tube, with most of its contents missing.
Mutant Tube 2 Labs Enemy A tube filled to the brim with freaks. Upon its destruction will cause 8 lab freaks to spill out of it.
Terminal 6 Labs Normal A computer terminal that shines light around it. It will no longer emit light once destroyed.

Only spawns when there are enough Server props in a small area, converting one into a Terminal.
Server 10 Labs Normal A simple server, usually multiple are seen in a room together.
Small Generator 40 Palace Explosion A radiation-powered generator that will explode into a green explosion upon its destruction. Gives 5 rads when destroyed.
Nuclear Pillar 70 Palace Normal A radiation-powered pillar that will not drop any rads upon its destruction, just serving as a beefy prop to block projectiles.
Throne Statue ~ Throne Room Enemy 10 of these will always spawn on 7-3 only and are indestructable by most normal means.

Upon being proc'ed will spawn 1 palace guardian on L0, with 1 more being spawned from a statue per. additional loop.

There are multiple ways to proc the statue, of which being:

  • The Throne, via it walking directly over the statues or a large plasma ball breaking directly over/next to a statue.
  • Other Guardians, who upon being killed within radius of another statue can also proc it.
  • The Player, who can similarly use large plasma balls from their own weapons. (Plasma Cannon & Super Plasma Cannon)
Big Generator 230 Throne Room Explosion A much bigger variation of the small generator, upon its destruction will explode into four green explosions. Drops a total of 20 rads and has a chance to drop up to 2 pickups.

4 will always spawn on 7-3 only and can only be damaged after the Throne awakens. All 4 must be destroyed before killing the Throne in order to progress to the next loop.

In Loop 0 only, destroying them all will cut Throne's health in half. Within loop each generator's HP is significantly cut down, but the Throne's HP will no longer be cut on their destruction. (Still must be destroyed in order to loop).

Night Cactus 2 Campfire Normal A variation of the Cactus that appears in the loop campfire area.
Night Bone Pile 2 Campfire Normal A variation of the Bone Pile that appears in the loop campfire area.
Torch 8 Vault Normal A glowing torch that lights up the area around it. Despite its appearance it does nothing special when being destroyed.

It will no longer emit light upon being destroyed.

Vault Statue 20 Vault Enemy Similar to the throne statues seen in palace but mechanically different, 2 vault statues will spawn in a vault if one has already been visited or if a crown is being carried. The third vault visited will have 4 vault statues instead.

Upon being destroyed, the statue will spawn one of the Crown Guardian enemies per statue that the player must then kill in order to exit the vault.

All statues will proc at the same time. They can be proc'ed by either destroying directly with any weapon(thus skipping crown slection), or by walking directly over the crown pedestal.

Oasis Barrel 1 Oasis Normal A broken down barrel that is no longer a hazard.
Water Plant 1 Oasis Normal A simple plant that is underwater.
Water Mine 10 Oasis Explosion & Bullets Upon its destruction, the buoy will detach from the chain and flash briefly then cause a normal explosion and a ring of bullets that do 3 damage each will shoot out from it.
Anchor 30 Oasis Normal A large anchor found underwater.
Pizza Box 4 Pizza Sewers Normal Also listed on the Pickup Page, a pizza box that has a 20% chance of dropping a pizza health pickup upon its destruction.
Gold Barrel 1 YV's Mansion Explosion A variation of the normal barrel that acts the same mechanically, causing a simple explosion upon its destruction.
Money Pile 1 YV's Mansion Normal A pile of money carelessly left lying around.
YV Statue 15 YV's Mansion Normal A statue of the gun god himself.
Cursed Crystal 2 Cursed Crystal Caves Normal Similar to normal crystals, simply serving as light sources in the level but recolored for variety.

It will no longer emit light upon being destroyed.

Bush 1 Jungle Normal A jungle bush that is not harmful on its own, however Jungle Assassins in their sleeping state will be disguised as bushes, so caution should be applied.
Big Flower 12 Jungle Normal A large flower similar to the Ice Flower, however this one is harmless.
Plant Pot 1 IDPD HQ Normal A simple potted plant.
Venuz Car 2 25 YV's Crib Explosion A variation of YV's car that appears exclusively in YV's Crib. Upon destruction has a large explosion radius, that being 10 normal explosions and 6 smaller ones, making it much more dangeorus to destroy in close range.

If interacted with, it can be used to exit YV's Crib.

Venuz Couch ~ YV's Crib Normal An indestructable couch featuring Yung Cuz who is seen playing video games. He cannot be interacted with, but using YV's airhorn button will cause him to respond.
Venuz TV 1000 YV's Crib Normal A giant TV that is useful for testing weapons on. If destroyed will cause Yung Cuz to cry loudly.