Settings can be changed through the main menu of the game, or any time when pausing during a run. The main part of this guide will brief over the u99r1 version of the game; the betas will be listed at the bottom with their additions.


1. Master Volume
- Slider that controls all volume in the game.

2. Music Volume
- Slider that controls the sound of music in the game.
- Music mostly has no relation to gameplay and can be muted completely.
- The only time music has utility is telling when a boss awakens (if boss intros are disabled), and the boss death music to signify the fight is over.

3. Ambience Volume
- Slider that controls the sound of ambience volume in the game.
- Ambience has no relation to gameplay, and can be muted completely.

4. 3D Sound
- A simple toggle to enable or disable 3D Sound.

- If 3D Sound is enabled, then enemies in close proximity will be louder.
- This will also differentiate between sounds from the left and right side.
- Most notable in quickly telling the direction idpd vans may spawn from, Mom's location in sewers, Technomancer's location in labs.
- Adversely may drown out some noises if there's too much going on at once, which can lead to not even hearing vans that are offscreen spawning in.

- If 3D Sound is disabled, then all sounds can be heard equally.
- There is no way to differentiate sounds from left/right, but reduces the possibility of dying to offscreen sound sources that may be drowned out otherwise.


1. Fullscreen
- Gives options on how the size of the screen should behave..
- If Fullscreen is on, will minimize the screen if focused out.
- If toggled to Borderless, will be fullscreen but keeps the screen up if focused out. (Recommended option)
- If Fullscreen is off, it will be in windowed mode and the games size can be freely controlled (but the resolution will always remain 4:3)

2. Crosshair
- Toggles between 8 different crosshairs for the cursor to use, the default being 1.
- Notably Crosshair 2 is just a dot, while Crosshair 8 is YV's symbol.

3. Side Art
- Has 8 different side arts to choose from for aesthetic purposes.
- Options 1-3 is a vault symbol in brown, purple and green variants.
- Options 4-6 is the NT logo along with a crown symbol that also has brown, purple and green variants.
- Option 7 is a red pattern with Y.V.'s logo.
- Option 8 is a blue pattern featuring an IDPD Grunt, Shielder and Inspector.
- The last option is to have no side art at all.

4. Screenshake
- Slider that toggles the intensity of screenshake.
- Shooting any weapon will shake the screen, with heavier hitting weapons shaking more. All explosions also effects this.
- Having screenshake at 0% turns it off completely, and is the recommended option.
- If using keyboard/controller to toggle the slider, the slider can be moved beyond the 100% limit, increasing it to as much as 200% screenshake.

5. Freeze Frames
- Slider that toggles the effects of freezeframes.
- Hitting enemies will temporarily create hitlag to give more impact to the hits, with more hits creating more artificial lag.

- Within meta, freeze frames can be utilized to create artificial lag to increase response time in particularly difficult areas in the later loops (think like L8+ generally).
- The most optimal areas to abuse freeze frames is 4-1, 7-1 and 7-2. (Though keeping them on through 0-1 is fine). These areas have less lag than others, but have particularly dangerous damage sources which makes artificial lag beneficial.
- Generally around 40% is a good number for these areas, 50% if playing especially safe. There is no harm in experimenting with higher/lower numbers.

6. Hide Hud
- Toggles showing the hud, or hiding it. This includes health, weapons held/reload cooldown, ammo levels, mutations, in-game timer.
- Having this off is a bad idea.

7. Gamepad Style
- Changes what gamepad buttons appear for controls between the traditional xbox buttons versus playstation buttons.


1. Boss Intros
- When a boss awakens/spawns in, will play a short intro card announcing themselves. Can be toggled on or off.

2. Delete Data
- Gives a countdown from "In 3" down to 1, and will completely wipe data. Only accessible through the main menu, not mid-run.
- If the game is not backed up, there is no way to recover your save data!

3. Play Tutorial
- Enables replaying the tutorial. Only accessible through the main menu, not mid-run.
- Once enabled, must exit settings and hit the Play button, in which it can now be accessed.

4. Timer
- Enables the in game timer.
- The timer will not reflect real time as it can be effected by lag, being less accurate the further a run goes.

5. Stream Key
- Enables a stream key that can be used to track data from a run. This is on the technical side and can be ignored by most players.
- If the stream key is enabled, is able to automatically track runs that end with over 60 kills. Can only see one's own data if logged in through steam.

6. Cursor
- Gives an option between Default, Native and Compatible.
- Default Cursor will remain within the borders of the screen (not overlapping the side art), and run at the same FPS as the game.
- Native Cursor will run at the same framerate as one's computer system, and is able to appear above the side art on the screen.
- Compatible Cursor appears to be functionally the same as Native, but noticeably smaller at larger game resolutions.

7. Mouselock
- Can be toggled on or off.
- If mouselock is on, it will not allow the cursor to leave the screen, stopping at the borders of the sideart. Alt+tab is the only way to tab out while mouselock is enabled.

8. View Credits
- Views the credits of the game, without the victory music normally seen at the end of a run.


1. Gamepad
- Enables the usage of gamepad, must be manually selected and will only turn on if a controller is currently connected.

2. Autoaim
- Only usable with controller, will try to align the cursor on screen with the position of any nearby enemies to make shooting easier.
- Generally recommended to leave off, as it can reduce the ability to aim well in groups of enemies or prioritize more dangerous ones that are further away.

3. Aim
- Only usable with controller, can toggle between left handed and right handed.
- Will swap the movement and aim buttons on a controller to better suit the primary hand.

The rest of the controls options are related to movement and can be re-bound.
While controllers can differ, here is the defaults for Keyboard & Mouse controls:
- Fire: LMB / Z
- Active: RMB / X
- Swap: Space
~ Swapping is to switch between primary/secondary weapons, mouse wheel also works but is not listed.
- Pick Up/Use: E
- Movement: W, A, S, D
~ Arrow keys & numpad also are used for movement despite not being listed

Unlisted controls:
- Pausing: Esc/P/F1
- Interacting with menu: LMB/Z/Enter to select, RMB/X/Esc to exit/return.
- Retry: R (Only used mid-run, esc+r+r to quickly restart)

2021 openbeta

The 2021 beta includes a few additions to better customize the Throne experience, including:


1. VSync
- Can be toggled on or off, and is intended to reduce screen tearing for those who experience but will often add input lag.
- VSync can sometimes turn itself back on even if toggled off, making it a buggy option.

2. Window Scale
- Only can be toggled in windowed mode (fullscreen set to off)
- Will automatically change the window size in 4:3 fashion, scaling between 4 different sizes. Auto allows for the screen to be adjusted to custom sizes again; if the screen size is 4:3 no sideart will be visible.


1. Autopause
- Can be toggled on or off, if tabbing out of the game it will automatically pause for the player if enabled.
- Recommended to keep on.

2. Framerate
- Can switch between 30 FPS and 60 FPS, but only in the main menu (not mid-run).
- 30 FPS is the preferred as the intended default experience, while 60 FPS feels much smoother to control and play.
- The most noticeable difference is that 'corner hugging' on 30 fps will prevent rads from touching the player (for radstarving strategies), while 60 fps rads will always reach the player if in range.

3. Delete Data
- Is now at the bottom of the list, and will open a new screen warning about data deletion and will be a countdown from 5 instead.

Win_64 2023 Beta

The 2023 beta includes all the additions of the beta listed above, as well as a new section called "Mechanics" under the Game option. These include:

1. Stream key is moved here and functions normally

2. Framerate now includes a 120 FPS option as well, but restricts access to dailies/weeklies.

3. Aspect Ratio
- Default is 4:3, but includes 1:1 as well as 16:9.
- 16:9 is widescreen, allowing the player to see a lot more than they would be able to otherwise. It restricts access to dailies/weeklies.

4. Custom FPS/Size
- Opens another menu to input specific FPS/Sizes outside of the default selections listed above.
- Only 30/60 FPS can be played on dailies and weeklies.
- There is a bug where playing above 120 FPS will not work and set it back down to 120. This can be circumvented by setting the desired FPS, exiting the game, and then re-launching it.

5. Rad Attract
- Changes how rads will behave.
- Classic: The default rad behavior, rads will often get stuck on corners.
- Fast: Will act like classic rads, but will not get stuck on corners, much like playing in 60 FPS mode.
- Modern: If rads cannot reach the player, will fly around in circles to try to move around obstacles.