Unlock Sit on the Throne
B-Skin Defeat Captain as Rogue
Weapon Rogue Rifle
Active Portal Strike
Passive Blast Armor


- Rogue is able to summon portal strikes at the location of her cursor.
- Upon holding down RMB, a series of arrows will appear for its blast radius.
- These CANNOT be cancelled, nor their location be moved, just the direction of the blast.
- Once rmb is released, a row of 5 IDPD explosions will be set off in a line. These deal 8 damage in a single tick, with 2 ticks per. explosion.
- Despite being an IDPD explosion, these will harm all teams. Players, props, enemies and IDPD alike can all be damaged by it. This means the player can kill themselves with their own active.
- These explosions will also destroy any normal projectiles they come in contact with, as well as setting off any active explosives upon contact.
- As explosions, portal strikes can also break walls which can be used as extra breathing space for Rogue.
~ Only walls that are within a few tiles of the levels active boundaries can be destroyed. For maximum efficiency, the portal strike should be pointed from the playable area into the walls, not vise versa.
- If a portal strike is being actively held down and a level is exited, then the portal strike packet will still be consumed despite not being fully activated.
- If a portal strike is being actively held down upon dying, Rogue can still let go of RMB activating it after her death, which can increase her kill count. However, no extra portal strikes can be activated.
~ Portal Strike Canisters
- Rogue has a special portal strike meter located next to hear health bar. She has a max of 3, and always starts a run with only 1 filled.
- Rad Canisters are replaced by Portal Strike Canisters, which always gives +1 to her portal strike meter if not at maximum capacity. A lack of rad canisters means that Rogue will level up slower than other mutants.
- Unlike rad cans, portal strike cans are unable to be destroyed by player/enemy weapons. Only walking over the portal strike canister will activate it.
- If a level portal opens by a portal strike can however it will be destroyed, bursting out a unique portal strike ammo packet. This functions the same as giving +1 portal strike, just done in a way that ensures the player will receive the portal strike for that level.
- If the portal strike meter is empty, Rogue will be unable to summon another portal strike, making a unique sound effect.
- If the portal strike meter is full, then when Rogue attempts to pick up another portal strike meter it will simply disappear.
- Open Mind can spawn a second portal strike canister for Rogue to collect in a level, as well as the chance for a single one on 7-3.
- With a lack of normal rad canisters, this makes Rogue the only character incapable of fighting Hostile Horror.

- Upon taking any form of damage, Rogue will produce an IDPD explosion around her body which can damage enemies and destroy projectiles in her immediate vicinity.
- Unlike her active, this IDPD explosion is incapable of damaging Rogue, however it can still set off nearby grenades.
- Blast armor cannot be activated again during the brief animation of losing health on Rogue's HP meter. This means that the more damage Rogue takes in a single hit, the longer it will take until blast armor can be usable again.
~ A simple calculation for this would be 4 + (dmg taken * 2) for vulnerable frames, meaning that the maximum number of frames normally is 26 that Rogue can take damage without Blast Armor being usable a second time. The exception to this is vans, which oddly accounts for 27 frames of animation instead when losing Strong Spirit to a full hit.

- The arrow indicating Rogue's portal strike will greatly increase in size, as well as the explosions themselves, covering a much wider area.
- The number of explosion is unchanged, as well as the damage of the explosions themselves.

Ultra A: Super Portal Strike
- Rogue will now have a maximum capacity of 6 portal strikes instead of her usual 3.
- Each portal strike canister will give +2 strikes instead of its normal +1, however consuming portal strikes will still only cost 1 per use.

Ultra B: Super Blast Armor
- Upon being damaged, Rogue's normal blast armor will activate, but additionally 3 more explosions in close proximity will as well, greatly increasing its range.
- The direction of the explosions can be unpredictable so can vary in reliability, however they seem to often take a bit of a T or Y shape, with one explosion at the bottom. (Tested on v9940)

Other Perks
- Rogue starts with a unique starter weapon, the Rogue Rifle. It deals 3 damage like any normal bullet, in a burst of 2 shots costing 2 ammo.
- IDPD will continually stalk Rogue throughout her run starting from 1-1. Following normal spawning rules, once 20%-80% of enemies in a level are killed 2 portals will spawn IDPD units that will attack the player. 2 additional portals will spawn upon completing a level, but do not have to be killed in order to exit it.
- This stacks with loop spawns, meaning that in loop very high volumes of IDPD can spawn in very close windows.

Preloop Guide

Rogue is often an off-putting character for beginner players. Rogue doesn't have rad canisters which slows the process of leveling up which leads to player being slightly weaker than other characters, also I.D.P.D. are an issue that always follows you. Payback for that is a good starting weapon that can confidently clear preloop and two great defensive-offensive tools in Blast Armor and Portal Strike that can create cover and kill enemies. This early Boiling Veins could be recommended to avoid getting instantly killed by the Portal Strike.

Portal Strike is also a tool that will always provide you with access to pizza as it can open the manhole like any other explosion, which provides better weapon drops.

I.D.P.D. may seem a tough task to handle but knowing how to deal with them properly makes Rogue a much better character. Generally, you would want to have cops as your main priority, at least, before loop. When the cops are spawning they are harmless so player can target the portal right away to deal with the threat. Leaving I.D.P.D. for later could cause big problems at any point of the game.

Loop Guide

Reaching Ultra level provides player with two good Ultra mutations, Super Portal Strike gives player an opportunity to have cover and possibility to clear projectiles when the going gets tough, Thronebutt and Boiling Veins are great mutations to combine with it. Super Blast Armor allows aggressive plays as it provides player with an ability to create cover, deal damage and clear projectiles all together in one, Bloodlust is a great mutation to combine with it if you want to go down the aggressive plays route. On L1 and L2, the choice is down to the player's preference although having Thronebutt shifts the choice in favor of Ultra A.

When entering loop more I.D.P.D. units are facing the player making the drawback even more difficult, although the strategy for that is still the same: prioritize killing I.D.P.D. to avoid any issues, by this point the player could have an AoE weapon that can insta-kill cops as soon as they get out of the portals, same can be done when they are getting out of the van. Ignoring I.D.P.D. at this stage will be even worse, as there are many more of them which makes it more dangerous and if player intends to use an Ultra weapon killing units scattered all over the map will take up more rads than it would if the I.D.P.D. were dealt with quickly.

Meta Guide

For players that are trying to for L3 and loops beyond it is almost obligatory to have Boiling Veins as Rogue's Blast Armor triggers I.D.P.D. grenades, which could result in a loss of Strong Spirit or a death. Though the character still can go to high loops not having the mutation, losing your run like that would be frustrating. Normally, you would replace a healing mutation or one of the damage mutation with Boiling Veins.

As for the Ultra mutation choice: Super Blast Armor is the main recommendation, having Ultra Shovel x Super Plasma Cannon combo is enough of cover that makes Portal Strikes a last resort, usually when the player is faced with vans that are unavoidable if it wasn't for Portal Strike.

Rogue's Blast Armor can allow player to stop using Ultra Shovel and go all in on using Super Plasma Cannon which can help with doing Van Strat on 1-3 or getting a quick kill on Mom in 2-1, although it is not recommended to play like that when you are deep in loops and the game freezes badly because lag makes it more difficult to control your health and to switch to the Ultra Shovel in case Super Blast Armor isn't keeping up with all the projectiles. Additionally, on 1-3 Portal Strikes could be used to help the player spawn vans or dig cover when fighting Big Bandits if player ran out of energy or ended up being surrounded by Big Bandits since Portal Strike is definitely a much more reliable digging tool than Super Plasma Cannon.

On 4-1 Rogue's abilities don't change much as the main damage source there is lasers and Blast Armor doesn't do anything since lasers are not projectiles to clear them, though it makes the area safer as Flak Cannon shots from Buff Alligators can't take Strong Spirit away or insta-kill the player.