Nuclear Throne hosts a total of 15 playable characters, each having their own unique active and passive abilities which each adds their own unique playstyle to the game.

Of the 15 characters, 12 of them can be considered normal characters. Any time one is unlocked they will join around the campfire on the character selection screen, each having their own B-Skin, crowns and golden weapon unlocks. Fish and Crystal are unlocked by default, while the other 10 are tied to area progression or finding secret areas.

The other 3 characters are secret unlocks and are not played as through normal means. These characters should be considered additional content and aren't actually balanced compared to the normal characters, moreso there to provide a unique playstyle that differs quite a bit from a normal run.

This page serves as a general overview of each character's abilities and unlock conditions as it appears in game(with some slight edits for clarity). Any character can be clicked on to go to their page which will give more in-depth information on every ability and its mechanics, as well as subjective strategy guides for those looking for advice.

Main Characters

  • Unlock: Default
  • B-Skin: Loop With Every Character
  • Active: Can Roll
  • Passive: Gets More Ammo
  • Thronebutt: Water Boost
  • Ultra A: Confiscate
    • Enemies Sometimes Drop Chests
  • Ultra B: Gun Warrant
    • Infinite Ammo The First 7 Seconds After Exiting A Portal

  • Unlock: Default
  • B-Skin: Reach 4-? As Crystal
  • Active: Can Shield
  • Passive: More Max HP
  • Thronebutt: Teleportation; Shorter Shielding
  • Ultra A: Fortress
    • +6 Max HP
  • Ultra B: Juggernaut
    • Move While Shielded

  • Unlock: Reach 2-1
  • B-Skin: Reach 2-? As Eyes
  • Active: Telekinesis
  • Passive: Sees In The Dark
  • Thronebutt: Stronger Telekinesis
  • Ultra A: Projectile Style
    • Telekinesis Holds Your Projectiles
  • Ultra B: Monster Style
    • Push Nearby Enemies Away When Not Using Telekinesis

  • Unlock: Die
  • B-Skin: Defeat The Nuclear Throne As Melting Without Taking Rhino Skin Or Strong Spirit
  • Active: Explode Corpses
  • Passive: Less Max HP; More Rads
  • Thronebutt: Bigger Corpse Explosions
  • Ultra A: Brain Capacity
    • Blow Up Low HP Enemies
  • Ultra B: Detachment
    • 3 More Mutations; Lose Half Of Your HP

  • Unlock: Reach 3-1
  • B-Skin: Reach the Nuclear Throne In Under 10 Minutes As Plant
  • Active: Snare Enemies
  • Passive: Is Faster
  • Thronebutt: Snare Finishes Enemies Under 33% HP
  • Ultra A: Trapper
    • Big Snare
  • Ultra B: Killer
    • Enemies Killed On Your Snare Spawn Saplings

  • Unlock: Reach 3-?
  • B-Skin: Get A Golden Weapon For Every Character
  • Active: Pop Pop
  • Passive: Higher Rate Of Fire
  • Thronebutt: Brrrap
  • Ultra A: Ima Gun God
    • Higher Rate Of Fire
  • Ultra B: Back 2 Bizniz
    • Free Pop Pop Upgrade

  • Unlock: Reach 6-1
  • B-Skin: Defeat Technomancer As Steroids
  • Active: Dual Wielding
  • Passive: Inaccurate; Automatic Weapons
  • Thronebutt: Firing Gives Ammo For Your Other Weapon
    • More Effective When Firing Both
  • Ultra A: Ambidextrous
    • Double Weapons From Chests
  • Ultra B: Get Loaded
    • Ammo Chests Contain All Ammo Types

  • Unlock: Reach 5-1
  • B-Skin: Eat Any Hyper Weapon
  • Active: Can Eat Weapons
  • Passive: Finds Better Tech
  • Thronebutt: Better Weapon Nutrition
  • Ultra A: Refined Taste
    • High Tier Weapons Only
    • Auto Eat Weapons Left Behind
  • Ultra B: Regurgitate
    • Eating Weapons Can Drop Chests
    • Auto Eat Weapons Left Behind

  • Unlock: Reach 5-?
  • B-Skin: Reach 2-1 On Hardmode As Chicken
  • Active: Can Throw Weapons
  • Passive: Hard To Kill
  • Thronebutt: Throws Pierce Through Enemies
  • Ultra A: Harder To Kill
    • Kills Extend Bleed Time
  • Ultra B: Determination
    • Thrown Weapons Can Teleport Back To Your Secondary Slot

  • Unlock: Defeat Throne II
  • B-Skin: Defeat Mom As Rebel
  • Active: Can Spawn Allies
  • Passive: Portals Heal
  • Thronebutt: Higher Ally Rate Of Fire
  • Ultra A: Personal Guard
    • Start A Level With 2 Allies
    • All Allies Have More HP
  • Ultra B: Riot
    • Double Ally Spawns

  • Unlock: Defeat Hostile Horror
  • B-Skin: Defeat Hyper Crystal As Horror
  • Active: Radiation Beam
  • Passive: Extra Mutation Choice
  • Thronebutt: Beam Charges Up Faster; Prolonged Beam Use Heals You
  • Ultra A: Stalker
    • Enemies Explode In Radiation On Death
  • Ultra B: Anomaly
    • Portals Appear Earlier
  • Ultra C: Meltdown
    • Double Rad Capacity

  • Unlock: Defeat The Nuclear Throne
  • B-Skin: Defeat Captain As Rogue
  • Active: Portal Strike
  • Passive: Blast Armor; Heat
  • Thronebutt: Stronger Portal Strike
  • Ultra A: Super Portal Strike
    • Double Portal Strike Pickups And Capacity
  • Ultra B: Super Blast Armor
    • Super Blast Armor
Secret Characters

  • Playable: Die As Melting In Necromancer Circle
  • Unlock: Become Skeleton (NTT Only)
  • Active: Blood Gamble
  • Passive: Less HP, Speed, And Accuracy
  • Thronebutt: Better Odds
  • Ultra A: Redemption
    • Back In The Flesh
  • Ultra B: Damnation
    • Fast Reload After Blood Gamble

  • Unlock: Storing Golden Frog Pistol
  • Active: Toxic Cloud
  • Passive: Can't Stand Still
  • Thronebutt: Toxic Gas Spreads Faster
  • Ultra A: Distance
    • Rads Can Spawn Toxic Gas
  • Ultra B: Intimacy
    • Continuously Spawn Toxic Gas
Big Dog

  • Unlock: Defeat Big Dog (April Fools Only - Beta)
  • Active: Missiles
  • Passive: More HP; Spin Attack
  • Thronebutt: Faster Missiles And Bullets
  • Ultra A: Ultra Spin
    • Improved Spin Attack
  • Ultra B: Ultra Missiles
    • Missiles Fire Bullets