Crown of Hatred
Area Loop
Pro: Gain rads opening chests
Con: Take damage opening chests


Walking over any chest will cause 16 rads to burst out of it, but at the expense of taking 1 damage.
- Valid sources is any ammo and weapon chest type, as well as any rad can, including portal strike canisters.
- If a portal opens any of these, then no damage will be taken but no rads will be gained either.
- Similarly, rad cans can be broken to avoid damage/extra rads to the same effect.
- It is possible to be killed if only at 1 HP when walking over a chest. This is one of the more rare deaths in the game.
- It is safe to walk over a health chest while at 1 HP left, though while taking 1 damage it will only heal to 4.
- Chests spawned from Robot's Regurgitate and Fish's Confiscate will hurt the player as well.


CoHatred is one of the crowns that have a relatively low impact on gameplay in loop, where it is usually taken. Because of this it's one of the more forgettable crowns, but still has some changes to gameplay that are worth being aware of.

Notably the player will be taking 2 or 3 damage a level from chests/rad canister. This will have the biggest impact in preloop, especially early on, as the player may be put in more vulnerable positions in order to regain ammo or get better weapons. Within loop healing should be frequent(especially with a healing mutation), that its negative effect may be more or less negligible. The worst part of CoHatred is the player forgetting they're even running the crown, leading to accidental spirit drops or death if playing in autopilot mode. Another big negative of the crown is when at one hit from death, then any chests must be avoided even if low on ammo.

If needing to avoid taking damage, one can simply break rad cans with their held weapon, or get the exit portal to open nearby ammo/weapon chests through forcing its spawn location. This will also miss out on the extra 16 rads, so just should be done if health needs to be prioritized over a few extra rads.

As for the positive, gaining 16 rads leads to leveling much earlier within preloop. With 2 chests and a rad can, this can translate into an extra 32 or 48 rads a level to significantly speed up leveling. In loop where the crown is meant to be taken, its utility is giving a few extra shots/swings of ultra weapons, however this impact can be fairly minimal which is why the crown is easily overlooked/ignored. Once reaching deeploop, gameplay is pretty much the same besides taking occasional extra damage in a level.

Character/Mutation Notes:
- Healing mutations can offset damage taken from CoHatred, which can easily negate the downside of the crown.
- Characters that can heal naturally such as Rebel and Robot can largely ignore the negative effect of the crown.
- Melting will struggle with unlocking CoHatred, as he naturally has low HP. This is especially apparent on weeklies with this combination leading to a much more difficult early game. For these reasons Rhino Skin and Strong Spirit are especially as vital.
- On Robot taking Regurgitate can lead to taking unwanted damage, however between their passive and health chests spawning from eaten weapons this can usually be negated. Refined Taste is still recommended as it's much more safe, especially if just going for the crown unlock.
- On Fish taking Confiscate can also lead to taking unwanted damage, but unlike Robot, chests will be scatted throughout the level which can almost act as a minefield. For this reason alone taking Gun Warrant is the suggested ultra when running this crown.