Skeleton is a secret character that is only playable by transforming into him as Melting mid-run. He cannot be unlocked and cannot be started as on runs outside of NTT. Skeleton has garnered the reputation of being the most difficult character as he has multiple negative passives that may take important mutation slots to only partially offset, and the process of simply becoming Skeleton and reaching max level is an extreme challenge for itself.

This page will focus on Skeleton's tech, as well as strategies after reaching level ultra. There is a separate guide for the Unstoppable achievement, though it is also recommended to be familiar with how his abilities work here.

Skeleton's build centers around his ability blood gamble. This lets him shoot his weapon without consuming ammo, but risks taking damage. Upon reaching ultra he can reduce weapon reloads through blood gambling, putting his weapons output at very high DPS at low ammo cost despite moving around the level slowly. This makes him a sort of glass cannon character.

This page will (eventually) go in-depth with any Skeleton meta strategies as it will strongly differ from normal meta, as multiple of the best runs feature different builds. Skeleton is an obscure challenge character who is mostly played for the achievement, but has gotten some attention from the meta community over the years due to the challenge any run with him poses.

Unlock Cannot be Unlocked
B-Skin No B-Skin
Weapon Rusty Revolver (NTT Only)
Active Blood Gamble
Passive Less HP, Speed, and Accuracy

Transformation Tech


Loop Guide

The Unstoppable guide has strategies for skeleturning and general strategies around early Skeleton gameplay and should also be read. This loop guide will continue with other strategies unrelated to Unstoppable and post-ultra gameplay.

Melting can either choose to turn into Skeleton on 6-1 which is better for Unstoppable or 5-1 L1 which is better for meta.

If Melting takes Last Wish and enters 5-1 L1 and then skeleturns, Skeleton can then enter Jungle for an extra mutation. This means he can get a set of 9 mutations in a run, which will be vital for later loops considering how many drawbacks he has as a character. Technically with Crown of Destiny on betas he can also achieve 10 mutations, however this would require insanely good RNG and is only practical if running the grillskills mod.

Starting mid-loop as Skeleton will be significantly more difficult. Elite IDPD can spawn in any levels and the following levels have very aggressive enemy behaviors. Melting should bring weapons that are viable on an unleveled Skeleton, have good mutation sets to start with and optionally avoid vaults so Skeleton can open them later as a quick escape in dangerous levels. Strong Spirit, Rhino Skin and Bloodlust are all going to be very high priority for the early sets.

Skeleton will generally see the same mutations that Melting did, though there can be small variations. There is a separate guide to understand their mutation logic here. (link later) Outside of a daily/weekly challenge, the Jungle set seen as Skeleton is essentially random on the beta versions.

Similar to the Unstoppable guide, Melting should focus on bringing weapons that are strategically helpful. Weapons with low fire rate aren't going to cut it for loop Jungle/5-3/Labs because of the volume of enemies while underleveled. Decent picks could be Auto Crossbow, Auto Flame Shotgun, Gatling Slugger or Lightning Hammer (if early Arms). Double Energy (Energy Sword + Plasma Cannon) is always a good build, but may require good early mutations as well. So long as a weapon has a decent firerate and good damage it should help Skeleton get through Jungle and 5-3 L1, but Labs may be more demanding with any AoE otherwise as it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Skeleton will struggle quite a lot because of his negative passives. Similar to Melting, lower max HP will put Skeleton at constant risk of death as some damage sources can oneshot him that would not kill another normal character at full health. For this reason, Rhino Skin is high priority. His slower speed makes avoiding danger and pushing enemies much more difficult as well, so Extra Feet can be viewed as closer to middle priority. Lower accuracy only makes a few weapons unviable, and Eagle Eyes does not grant a perfect fix, meaning that in most situations this mutation can be omitted.

In other words mutations that are high priority are Rhino Skin, Strong Spirit and Bloodlust for immediate survivability. Long Arms or Bolt Marrow depending on what sort of primary weapon will be ran. Scarier Face, Laser Brain, Extra Feet, Plutonium Hunger, Trigger Fingers, Stress, Thronebutt, or other heals(Paw/Stomach) are all viable options and a set should be built around the end goal of a run.

When it comes to ultras, Redemption is an ultra that in practice is only ever used to exploit Crown of Death for extra max HP, the bug that grants Melting both of his ultras on specific versions, or on dailies/weeklies to scout further sets. In a normal run it doesn't really have any practical usage besides no longer being Skeleton.

A run continuing as Skeleton would need to take Damnation. This ultra will significantly boost blood gamble to one of the best actives in the game. Giving an 80% reduction of fire rate means that almost any weapon can be shot again pretty much instantly. The only weapon with a really high reload time is Super Plasma Cannon, whose reload speed with Damnation is near the same speed as a normal Nuke Launcher. This can be stacked with Trigger Fingers for additional benefit, however. While this comes at a cost of Skeleton's HP who already has a lower amount to begin with, this can easily be offset with Bloodlust which will be Skeleton's greatest asset.

Skeleton can blood gamble any high reload weapon saving on ammo, and if enough enemies are in an area then Bloodlust should immediately get him up to full. With the right weapon Skeleton can potentially spam click his weapon to have his damage output surpass his damage intake, essentially becoming a sort of glass cannon. All the while this goes on Skeleton can be collecting ammo pickups, so if he gets low on health he can go back to firing weapons as normal.

On beta versions of the game, ultra weapons do not consume rads upon being blood gambled and thus can be used freely. An ideal combination for Skeleton's endgame would be Ultra Crossbow and Super Plasma Cannon, as he can fire them repeatedly and both allows for ease of access to any nearby walls to hide from any number of enemies. Bloodlust and Thronebutt both can make it so Skeleton stays at higher health while consistently firing off free shots.

A good Skeleton set is built around letting him use blood gamble consistently all the while saving on ammo, and to give him options to deal with any enemies that may get into his personal space due to his lowered defensive capabilities. The best examples of this would be a melee primary and a strong secondary to repeatedly spam, or melee being swapped out for the Ultra Crossbow if on the betas.

Meta Guide

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