Y.V. (Short for Yung Venuz) is a character unlocked by going to the Scrapyards secret area(link later). He's a character that first appeared in the game Gun Godz(link later) and was brought back to be playable in Throne. He's one of the most recognized characters for his mass popularity in the community. His active and passive allows Y.V. to be one of the most aggressive/offensive character in the game allowing for him to clear levels very quickly and even wipe out bosses in one hit with the correct builds. He is instantly good the moment he is unlocked in preloop, so long as the player is used to having to play very aggressively.

Both of YV's ultra mutations allows him to heavily lean into high DPS builds which can clear levels very quickly, though runs the risk of being overrun by enemies if played poorly. Once mastered, Y.V. has an easy spot as a top-tier character in both Looping and Deeplooping. He is recommended highly in all areas of play.

Character Loadout
Unlock Reach 3-?
B-Skin Golden Weps on all 12 chars
Weapon Golden Revolver
Active Pop Pop
Passive Higher Rate of Fire


- YV can "pop" his held weapon, which shoots out two shots instead of just one.
- This pop doubles YV's special cooldown and costs twice the ammo that a normal shot would.
- Popping does not work on melee weapons. The game will allow you to pop jackhammer, but with no added benefit(no extra damage/spread).

- YV can shoot 20% faster than other mutants. This means his reload speed is 80% instead of 100% for all weapon types. Thus using his pop active is 160% reload for a given weapon.

Thronebutt: Brrrap
- Pop pop will be doubled, letting Y.V. shoot four shots instead of two, at the price of three times the cooldown. This translates into 4x weapon shots at 240% reload time.

Ultra A: Ima Gun God (IGG)
- This gives +40% firerate to Y.V. permanently, which stacks with his passive for a total of +60% firerate. This means that weapons will all have 40% cooldown instead of its normal 100% on other mutants.

Ultra B: Back 2 Bizniz (B2B)
- Gives Pop Pop an extra 50% of pulls without the cost of ammo or reload time.
- In specific numbers, this translates to normal pop pop using 3 pulls instead of 2, but still only costs 2 ammo pulls and 160% reload.
- Meanwhile for Thronebutt it now gives 6 weapon shots, while retaining the cost of 4 shots and 240% reload time.

Other Perks
-YV starts with a Golden Revolver which has a slightly higher fire rate than revolver, which also stacks with his passive.
-YV can press B on keyboard to use his airhorn (done for fun)
-Upon reaching ultra, whether taking IGG or B2B, YV will be sent to his mansion which houses two enormous weapon chests filled to the brim of weapons to choose from. Full guide here(link later)

Preloop Guide

YV is a predominantly offensive character that can kill high hp enemies like bosses faster than other characters. His increased reload speed makes him a deceptively good defensive character as well, though not to the extent of other characters. When the player is running YV, the best way to make use of his abilities is by emphasizing his improved offense. Early on, YV can make high damage weapons even stronger with pop. The drawback is that every pop doubles the reload time. This can be mitigated by taking trigger fingers. Without Trigger Fingers, it is best to use pop strategically to kill high health enemies and not waste it on weaker enemies.

As noted above, Trigger Fingers is a great synergy with pop, as it allows the player to more freely pop without having to spend double the time reloading. The other mutations chosen will be similar to other characters. Due to pop requiring double ammo, YV can eat through ammo quickly. Thus, it is best to consider ammo mutations as having higher value than for other characters. Paw and Muscle are great choices for YV in general to deal with the ammo consumption. Thronebutt is generally fun but excessive. Odds are that something a thronebutt pop kills is also killable with a standard pop. There are exceptions and if the player wants to melt enemies, thronebutt is a great way to do it. Trigger Fingers becomes even more important if Thronebutt is taken. Stress is considered of less value to YV since YV has improved reload speed through his passive, but stress can still be the most useful choice in a given mutation set.

Overall, YV is one of the best characters for preloop. The notorious Lil Hunter can be instantly deleted with a pop from a good weapon, and YV is very consistent. He can make okay weapons good and good weapons great. Because of YV's relative strength, the character can allow the player to progress further on a more frequent basis. Fewer deaths to Lil Hunter means the player can get practice in palace and The Throne more regularly.

Loop Guide

Upon entering loop YV has two strong choices for ultras. Either are viable for his playstyle, however the player may want to pick one that better suits their needs. YV will also be able to visit his mansion, which will give him a LOT of weapons to choose from, so it is recommended you plan around your mutation set instead of your current weapons when picking your ultra. B2B lets the player lean even more heavily into an aggressive playstyle, where popping can do even higher damage and help the player easily clean loop bosses and elite IDPD that gives newer players a really hard time. However IGG is worth leaning into with melee in the build, as it helps strengthen them as well and gives a lot more consistency overall. If you are going without Trigger Fingers, then IGG is strongly recommended.

Popping greatly increases your ability to handle strong enemies which are plentiful in loop. Constantly being pelted with Elite IDPD and stronger Bosses, YV can utilize heavy hitting weapons very well in order to often kill stronger enemies in one pop and deal with them much easier than most other characters. This also enables him to destroy vans in one shot before they can even drop IDPD units, or quickly wipe most of them out to minimize their threat level.

However YV can also overcompensate which the player should prepare for. Especially in Loop 2, if his pops clear a level out too quickly then a high volume of IDPD may spawn suddenly in close proximity, while you're low on ammo and waiting for reload. 3-3 L2 is the best example of this occurring. So it's smart to show SOME restraint while learning loop play, as there is such a thing as overkill. Once you're used to loop play, this should be far less of an issue.

This makes YV a uniquely strong character in Loop play due to his high potential for DPS and being able to easily deal with the more scary threats. He is extremely popular at this level of play because of how fun and satisfying his gameplay is.

Meta Guide

When reaching this point, the standard practice of choosing ultra becomes whether or not the player has stress. If you have stress, then B2B is a better call for higher DPS. If you do not have stress, then IGG is viewed as a suitable replacement. The unique aspect of playing meta YV is using Imma Gun God, so the focus will be there. Back 2 Bizniz plays like many other characters, except YV can delete the thrones faster (among other bosses).

With IGG, YV does not need stress. Thus he is one of the rare characters with extreme versatility in mutation choice. This allows for him to instead take an extra ammo mutation, another heal, or even boiling veins in its place. Playing meta as YV is generally just a much stronger version of standard characters in every aspect. Every boss is easier because you can pop them. Areas are cleared more quickly as well and you can kill freaks more quickly with the speedy Ultra Shovel. Most of the game is exactly the same as a normal character, but quicker and easier. So there are a few considerations when it comes to YV and IGG.

Fighting Mom with IGG
-In the higher loops fighting Mom as YV can be easier but also scarier. If the player has lost spirit, YV is stuck with his Ultra Shovel speed and can not spam as fast as a very low health character. The goal against mom, assuming you are playing defensively, is to keep extreme focus and stay above 10 health.(Not exactly revolutionary information). YV's pop means the player can pick up a good weapon to replace the SPC, like the super bow, and pop mom to kill her quickly. Using a non-spc weapon is often easier than hitting speedy mom with the spc. If Mom is a problem, the player is encouraged to take a weapon (preferably the laser minigun, or if cheating, the ultra bow) into the 2-1 from 1-3.

-Bandits Standard Spawn with IGG
If the player is spawning bandits using the standard spawn, YV with IGG can have issues. If the spawn is messy, YV's swing speed may not be fast enough to deflect all of the incoming bullets. Thus, YV players must use extra care to spawn bandits cleanly. Other than that, once YV has spawned bandits, the fight is much easier and quicker, as the Ultra Shovel is essentially always fast enough to kill bandits without retreating to new cover.

-The Throne II situation with IGG
Throne II should generally be much easier as YV, regardless of which Ultra is chosen. In either case, it should be noted that there are situations where YV with IGG can not swing fast enough to deal with excessive laser spam. This is very rare and, odds are, the player could die even with stress. It is still worth noting as there are runs where IGG was not good enough to deal with the spam and stress potentially was. It is with this consideration that back muscle may be seen as the preferred ammo mutation. There is not much about YV that is weak, but the potential of a Throne II juke can make a missed pop hurt more for YV than other characters.

In any case, the general formula for Loop 6+ is to just play the same way as before Loop 6, keep bandits extra clean, and breeze through normally difficult bosses. YV is a top tier character for meta. While his powers aren't that deep on the technical side, he allows for much quicker, and often safer, boss fights if properly utilized.