Crown of Blood
Area Loop
Pro: More Enemies
Con: Fewer Rads


More enemies will spawn on each level.
- The exact number seems to be anywhere from 150%-200% more.
- This seems to be dependent on difficulty, as higher difficulty spawns more enemies by default, crown of blood fills in for less.
~ So adversely, lower difficulty Crown of Blood will fill in for more enemies, evening numbers out between low and high difficulty runs somewhat.

Each enemy will drop one less rad.
- Maggots and Freaks only drop 1 rad, so this becomes 0 rads instead.
- Radiation canisters are not effected by this, nor is Rebel's allies/Plant's saplings.
- This will cancel out Melting's passive which gives an extra rad per enemy. Rad drops will be the vanilla amount in this situation.


Note the characters it hurts/helps the most, useful mutations, general strategies.