Crown of Death
Area Loop
Pro: Bigger Explosions
Con: -1 Max HP


All explosions are now bigger.
- In practice, this mostly adds additional explosions to normal ones.
- Any larger explosion will now have 3 smaller explosions surrounding it.
- Smaller explosives such as cluster launcher will break into one extra explosion.
- Cursed ammo packets will also break into one extra smaller explosion.
- IDPD explosions are not effected by this crown, which includes Rogue's portal strike/blast armor.
- Blood explosions are not effected either, which includes blood weapons and Melting's active.
- Upon dying, the player will have an explosion covering the majority of the screen, adding to the total kill count.
- This death explosion only applies to true deaths, not going headless as Chicken.
- Enemies killed by the CoDeath explosion will NOT contribute to the total kill count on daily/weekly leaderboard.

Lose -1 Max HP
- If CoDeath is taken off, then the max hp is regained.
- This can possibly put Melting at 0 max HP if running detachment, which leaves him at 1/0 HP.
~ In this state if Melting heals in any way, it will instead set his health to 0 killing him.
- Because taking off the crown results in 1 HP being regained, there are some situations where Melting can gain 1 Max HP overall through mechanics abuse. More info on his tech page.


Note the characters it hurts/helps the most, useful mutations, general strategies.