Crown of Guns
Area Preloop
Pro: More Weapon Drops
Con: No Ammo Drops


Most enemies give a +8% drop rate to weapons.
- This includes enemies that normally have a 0% drop rate.
- This can be stacked with Heavy Heart to give enemies an even higher drop rate chance.
- Some non-enemies can drop weapons too, such as the Throne's generators and the Throne's giant orb attack.
- If an enemy does not give any sort of drop, they will not be affected by CoGuns. This only applies to 6 enemies in the game, as follows:
- Enemies that are normally encountered that do not give weapon drops are Maggots, Rats and Wolves.
- Enemies that are rarely encountered that do not give weapon drops are Rad Maggots, Bonefish and Hostile Horror.

Ammo pickups will no longer spawn.
- While HP drops are normally converted from ammo drops, HP will still spawn as intended despite the lack of ammo.
- Mutations such as Lucky Shot and Last Wish work as intended and will still give ammo boosts to the player.
- Character specific methods such as Steroids' thronebutt and Robot's active work as intended.
- Fish's Confiscate does not have ammo packs to convert into ammo chests. Health Chests and Weapon Chests still can spawn.
Figure out rabbit paw later
- Portals opening chests will still grant ammo drops.
- Unlike CoLife's health mimics still giving HP, normal mimics will NOT give ammo drops.


Crown of Guns is considered one of the worst crowns, following behind Crown of Life. This is due to Crown of Guns promoting a different form of gameplay where the player should be constantly swapping out their weapons to whatever drops because of the lack of ammo pickups. Because this is all rng-based, often times the player can end up in situations where they are vulnerable because of the crown, thus its poor ranking.

It should be overstated that ammoless melee is incredibly useful here, as ammo can easily be exhausted and this is a very useful workaround. This is a great crutch to avoid issues around limited ammo, and is strongly recommended to anyone who's simply trying to unlock the crown.

In terms of preloop, because each area adds new weapons to the drop pool the player should constantly be swapping out their weapons to begin with as the game progresses. Weapons with high ammo consumption becomes less viable inbetween areas and generally should just be picked up temporarily to clear out a single level. Generally a prime loadout would be having an ammoless melee to help with crowd control, and a weapon with reliable damage that doesn't burn through ammo to help with bosses and especially dangerous areas.

The Throne & Throne II will always be the most tricky, as they have especially tanky health and few weapon drops will be seen. This is why it is strongly recommended to have ammoless melee; the Throne's orbs attacks and the generators can both give weapon drops. Depending on what weapons are had these fights can go especially slow, but chipping away at health with a decent melee is much better than exhausting all ammo on hand with either Throne being very much still alive. On T1 stand to the sides of the level to bait orb attacks & awaken guardians, and hopefully have good enough weapons to bring into the next boss fight as well. Be wary of the 1-1 in the next loop, as if all ammo is used then not much can be done with a wall of flies that do high contact damage.

When entering loop & deeploop, playing with Crown of Guns simply becomes frustrating to play with. Ammoless melee becomes pretty much required, and holding onto desired weapons can be annoying as the only way to get ammo back is through chests and weapon drops of the same ammo type. This makes gameplay slow down substantially, forcing the player to choose between either swapping their weapon out constantly or chipping away at enemies for what feels like ages. Swapping out the crown when able to is strongly recommended, but if not there's a few tips to help ease the difficulty;

Character/Mutation Notes
- Lucky Shot can be seen as an essential, as even if it gives a random ammo type on enemy kill, any chances of regaining ammo can be utilized.
- Heavy Heart is useful to play into CoGun's strength, if the right build allows for it.
- Gamma Guts paired with Scarier Face can help a lot with low HP enemies to help better conserve ammo.
- On a smaller note, Back Muscle can be helpful for having ammo saved up for more dangerous levels. Open Mind when giving an ammo chest can come in handy too.
- Robot is the best character to counteract the crowns negative effects, between their active and ultras.
- Fish using Gun Warrant and Rebel doing an ally oriented build helps them excel over other characters.
- To a lesser extent, Chicken's throw and determination is a decent source of damage earlier on. All 3 of Horror's ultras can be utilized as well.
- Meanwhile characters such as YV and Steroids are oriented towards higher ammo consumption, so they will especially struggle with running this crown properly.