Crown of Haste
Area Preloop
Pro: Pickups are worth more
Con: Pickups fade fast


Ammo and HP pickups will give +1 to each drop.
- Despite rads disappearing faster they do NOT get any added benefit.
- This will work with stacked with effects such as Second Stomach, Fish's passive and Robot's active.
- Chests will not give extra ammo normally, however if opened by a portal they will then be effected as ammo pickups.
- This will always apply to IDPD chests, as they give a bunch of ammo pickups upon opening.
- This will not work not work with effects such as Bloodlust and Lucky Shot.
- Ammo from weapon drops and Portal Strike/Radiation Canisters never give extra either.

Pickups will now disappear 3 times faster.
-This specifically refers to ammo drops, HP drops and radiation.
-Rogue's pickups from Portal Strike Canisters will also disappear faster, if opened by a portal.
-This effect will stack with pickups disappearing faster on loop, making the crowns negative effect worsen with loop.


CoHaste can be considered one of the better picks from the preloop selection, but that standard is not particularly high to begin with. While not the meta, its benefit can be quite useful only if the downside is properly negated. For this reason, Plutonium Hunger should be seen as high priority if taking this crown the whole run. A small boost to any pickup gotten will be helpful, however because of how quickly pickups can disappear missing out on a pickup entirely can end up being a net loss to ammo and health counts. Playing closer range to enemies and using Pluto as a crutch will help avoid missing out on pickups.

In preloop, CoHaste is decently useful as pickup fade time is very manageable. Having the extra boost to health is particularly helpful, as going from +2 to +3 a pickup alone without using up a mutation slot gives a very good added benefit. While Haste is not as useful as Curses or has meta utility like Destiny, the crown still is suitable to anyone with an aggressive playstyle. Haste will punish those who play very reserved/defensively the most, as pickups can easily be lost out on, so a good balance must be struck between playing aggressive without playing too risky.

In loop, CoHaste starts to fall off pretty hard in terms of usefulness. Any loop crown will do the player better, and CoHaste should be swapped off if the run allows for it. Otherwise a good way to make use of CoHaste is to lean heavily into its boosts. Taking Rabbit Paw will boost drops far more, and coupled with Plutonium Hunger the constant extra ammo and health will allow the player to lean entirely into an aggressive playstyle. While all ammo gets a benefit here, anything that is high ammo consumption per shot or has small yield from pickups(like explosives) will get the best yield within this playstyle.

In deeploop, CoHaste runs start to struggle much more as pickups start to fade far more quickly. Any half-baked meta set will fall apart at this point, as the player has to lean into CoHaste's strengths to keep the run viable. Many kills caused by any ranged weapons(including SPC) will cause most pickups to go uncollected, usually only enemies killed in close range(by Ultra Shovel) are going to be picked up. This means that IDPD Freak waves are going to be heavily leaned upon, especially during boss fights. Always keep an especially close eye on ammo and rads, as proper management becomes especially important in this state of the game. The longer spent lingering in areas, the worse it will be to recover.

Character/Mutation notes
-Plutonium Hunger is a must take, the further the crown is run the more necessary pluto becomes.
-Rabbit Paw has strong synergy with the crown as well, making for high volumes of health/ammo gains.
-On a smaller aspect, Second Stomach is a useful pick if leaning into a health build. Same with Back Muscle if going for an ammo build.
-Eyes is particularly useful as his power works similar to pluto, especially if running Thronebutt.
-Horror can be useful to a lesser extent, Meltdown makes rad management less stressful while Anomaly can help building back to full ammo/rads easier.
-Characters such as Rebel and Crystal particularly benefit from the health boosts, which is another note to take advantage of when building sets.
-CoHaste has a niche usage in dailies, which can be seen here. (Link Later)