Crown of Love
Area Loop
Pro/Con: Ammo Chests Only


Weapon chests & rad cans will be replaced with ammo chests.
- This means there will be 3 ammo chests on normal levels, 4 with open mind.
- Ammo chests can still convert to IDPD chests and mimics.
- Ammo chests CANNOT become present chests or health chests while running this crown.
- As Rogue, portal strike canisters will still spawn as intended.
- As YV, the giant weapon chests in his crib will convert to giant ammo chests instead.
- Spawns with Fish's Confiscate and Robot's Regurgitate are unaltered.
- Steroid's Get Loaded will work as intended, however Ambidextrous will not work at all while running this crown.
- When running CoLove, normal access to Cursed Crystal Caves and Hostile Horror gets removed because of their conditions.


When starting a run with CoLove in preloop, one will immediately notice the downside, which is no weapon chests. Being entirely reliant on the starting weapon and enemy drops, sometimes bad seeds can make things incredibly frustrating for the player. The only guaranteed weapon drop is one from Big Dog, however whether or not that weapon is good is up to chance. So when running weeklies, one must usually assume they will be running their starter weapon for the majority if not all of preloop. Because of the many ammo chests using excessive amounts of ammo is encouraged in sticky situations, as refilling ammo is a simple matter. Missing out on rad cans is a smaller issue, leveling in the earlier areas will be a bit slower but generally is not a problem. While health chests are usually just a chance and shouldn't be relied on, having them removed completely can be detrimental as well.

Once in loop, CoLove plays fairly vanilla as there are many more chances to find weapons off of enemies over preloop. On average it may take longer to find better weapons, however once actually gotten very little differs in actual gameplay. The extra ammo chests make it so that ammo should almost never be a problem, so investing into aggressive high ammo consumption is more viable. Past this change there is very little changes in strategizing needed in looping, as CoLove is more supplementary than anything to the run.

The changes on deeploop are even less noticeable with one exception, there is no weapon chest on 7-3 to use for hotswapping Throne 1/Throne 2. So if not running Eyes or Chicken who can bring weapons between levels, the 7-2 portal should be strategically spawned near a weapon if the level permits. If not, then the Throne 2 fight may be especially difficult waiting for SPC's long reload time or waiting for Freaks to respawn. So without a weapon one must be prepared for this to be the most difficult of the bosses the further the loops as hotswapping is key to quick kills.

Character/mutation notes
- Chicken is the worst to run CoLove on, as the removal of health chests means her primary way of regaining max HP is now removed.
- YV's crib suffers from this crown and can be hurt from this, but otherwise can be useful due to his playstyle often consuming high amounts of ammo.
- Steroids can excel with this crown as he often is running dual weapons, Get Loaded synergizes very well with this crown.
- Open mind can go well for an extra guaranteed ammo chest, if running a weapon with high ammo consumption.
- If a weekly seed is particularly bad for weapon drops, then Heavy Heart could be a clutch, as well as Confiscate/Regurgitate if running those characters.