Crown of Luck
Area Loop
Pro: Chance Enemies Have 1 HP
Con: Start Areas At 1 HP


Enemies have a 10% chance to spawn in at 1 HP.
- This also applies to any enemies that spawn in midway through the level such as IDPD units, vans, guardian statues.
- Bosses NEVER spawn in at 1 HP. However enemies summoned by bosses can still be.
- There is no indicator on what enemies are effected by Crown of Luck.
- Because walls break during level gen, sometimes enemies instantly die upon entering the level due to debris damage while only at 1 health.
~ This is especially noticeable in Palace as explo freaks & snipers can chain kills immediately from across the level.

The player will always start each level at 1 HP out of their max.
- This does not apply to Rebel's allies and Plant's saplings from Killer.
- Health bonuses inbetween levels will come into effect after being set to 1 HP.
~ This means that taking Last Wish will start the next level at full, while Rhino Skin will heal for 4. (Bringing HP to 5)
- Rebel will always start the next level at half health. 4 HP normally, or 6 HP with Rhino Skin.
- Being under half means that every level has the 50% chance for a health chest, with the exception of Rebel.
- HP is set to 1 before Strong Spirit can recharge entering a new level, meaning that losing Spirit requires the following level to start Spiritless.


Crown of Luck is a trade-off that may be worth it, but can be dependent on playstyle. While enemies just have a chance of low HP with no actual indicator of what is effected, the player will always start at low HP regardless. So this crown needs to be built around its weaknesses to better reap the rewards, Bloodlust can be seen as a mandatory mutation to quickly recover health at the start of every level.

The crown will pose the most difficulty in early areas as the start of every level functions as a no hit. Being low on HP means that ammo may take longer to recover as well, which will be noticeable more frequently while running this crown. One of the efficient ways to work around the weakness is to have a good ranged weapon to clear out dangers shooting at spawn from afar quickly, and a melee to quickly clear nearby enemies while handling the bullets. Cautiousness is the name of the game starting out any level.

In loop & deeploop if running any weapons with good spread/crowd control, Crown of Luck will be very useful in thinning out enemy groups much quicker. While rng dependent, it randomly coming into use will make the game passively easier. One thing to be careful of is that Vans can also spawn in at 1 HP making them constant hazards that could potentially blow up in the players face, so extra caution must be exercised around them if not running Boiling Veins. If the right mutations are being run then the downside of CoLuck will be a non-issue on most levels.

Character/Mutation Notes:
- Bloodlust and Strong Spirit are a must to minimize the risk associated with any fresh spawn. Stress can also be seen as high priority to minimize risk.
~ Be mindful that recharging Spirit without Bloodlust can be annoying/difficult while running this crown, especially for Crystal who's a high HP character.
- Plutonium Hunger, Rabbit Paw and Second Stomach can all help recover health much quicker as well which is very useful on boss levels.
- To play it extra careful Euphoria and Hammerhead can be great for defense, but aren't optimal picks.
- Sharp Teeth and Impact Wrists while not optimal do small chip damage, which will swiftly take out enemies effected by CoLuck.
- Horror + Anomaly + Scarier Face pairs great with Crown of Luck, as on many levels the anomaly proc can often come in before IDPD or even bosses have a chance to spawn, dependent on layout.
- Melting + Brain Capacity + Scarier Face also pairs great as Melting is a low HP character to begin with, and gives more enemies to be immediately killed via his active.
- Constant chances for health chests make Chicken a good choice, as if she goes headless at a level start she can recover max HP much more reliably.
- Rebel's passive partially negating the crown's downside makes her a decent pick, though building up allies on a level start will take longer.