Crown of Risk
Area Preloop
Pro: More drops at Full HP
Con: Less drops when not



Crown of Risk sits in the middle of the pack in terms of preloop crowns. While its benefits do not particularly warrant taking it, with the right mutations it's quite usable in situations that makes it just alright. Essentially this crown promotes a gamestyle of having higher DPS potential while at full health while having lower DPS potential when not at full health and take longer to reach back to full. As HP drops scale based on health of the player it can be especially difficult to get back to full HP if just 1 or 2 HP short and not running bloodlust.

The main strategy between preloop/loop is to focus on ways of not taking damage or healing back up quickly and choosing weapons that have a high level of ammo consumption. Any time damage is taken that is time that ammo will be more scarce and health drops will be sparse, so having a backup secondary weapon that is more well-rounded is a recommended option as taking damage is inevitable. Whichever weapon has high ammo consumption should be used with wild abandon, especially in loop, to pump out as much damage as possible while at full health as getting constant ammo should be a given. However this should be done with the right synergy of mutations, as listed below.

An additional strategy to this between weapons is to run monotype, where you run two of the same weapon type such as double energy. This guarantees to give only the one ammo type while not at full and allow for weapons to be spammed even further with this setup.

Within deeploop, Crown of Risk can boost SPC damage output in similar ways to playing Fish or running Rabbit Paw would. Aside from picking optimal mutations this is fairly vanilla, just that leaning especially into mutations like Back Muscle is recommended here, otherwise there is not much to write home about for these runs.

Character/Mutation Notes: